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Monday, November 25

Turkey Feather Specimen Art

It doesn't seem like specimen art is terribly popular right now. In fact when searching for inspiration for my Thanksgiving version there was nothing. Good thing I had an idea already!
I wanted turkey feathers of all different colors and styles. I knew this meant I had to do a lot of cutting of the same shape on different papers. I was dreading how many times I'd need to feed paper through my Silhouette, so I decided to try putting all my colors onto my mat and cutting it all at once! 
I pored over my stash of scrap paper to find the perfect color combination for my turkey feathers. Then I cut out one inch strips and placed them on my mat. I love how the Silhouette software and the mat have matching hash marks so I know that when I place something on the document, it will cut in the same place on my mat. Be sure each piece is secure so nothing gets pushed off while the blade is cutting.

 It worked out perfectly! I only had to do one cut and all my shapes and papers were done!

Now for the finished product! I set it on my table of Thanksgiving decorations and it complimented it nicely!

 And in case you're just finding us, I've been making specimen art all year to put in an interchangeable frame! Click here to see what else I've made this year!

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