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Tuesday, April 25

Skinny Baked Mac 'n' Cheese

Life sure gets busy, doesn't it?

My kids are in school all day.  But once they get home, our life is a whirlwind of homework, piano lessons, dance lessons, baseball practice, Cub Scouts, church activities, and more.

More often than I'd care to admit, dinner is thrown together at the last minute, or we resort to a drive-through window of a restaurant near our destination.

So, when I have a "night off" where everyone is home and I have time to breathe, I want to make my family a fun, nutritious dinner.

My kids absolutely adore mac 'n' cheese from the blue box.  What kid doesn't?  But I wanted something my husband and I could enjoy with our kids that tastes great and is better for us.
I put together a lightened up version of homemade Baked Mac 'N' Cheese.