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Thursday, November 7

Three Things Thursday: Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I have this problem.

I have a major sweet tooth. Major.

I have another problem.

My husband is the bishop of our church-- and that means that during the holidays, dozens of members of our congregation drop of plates and bags of goodies.  We get fudge, brownies, cookies, pies, candy, and more.

I am almost tempted to give up and just let myself eat everything (and gain weight).  But today I have three tips to help you (and me!) avoid the holiday weight gain.  Note- I am no health expert.  All I can say is that I've had years where I've done really well and even lost weight over the holidays, and I've had years where I've packed on the pounds.  So after lots of "research", these are my favorite three tips:

Tip #1- Drink Water


We all know the benefits of drinking water by now.  One thing you may not realize is that it helps control your appetite.  Sometimes we think we are hungry, but we are really thirsty.  So before reaching for that treat, try drinking a glass of water first.  And if you're like me and don't love plain old water, try some no-calorie water-enhancing drops or mix-ins.

Tip #2- Exercise at least 15 minutes daily

If you're already an exercise queen, this is no big deal for you.  But I get so busy during the holiday months that I feel like getting my family where they need to be IS my exercise!  Still, even 15 minutes a day is enough to maintain your fitness level and metabolism.  Go for a brisk walk after dinner or in the morning, stop by the gym on your lunch break, or do a quick workout while your kids watch a TV show.  Fit it in, and you'll not only feel more energetic, you will make sure your body is burning off those calories throughout the day.

Tip #3- Indulge (selectively)


A lot of times I try to bank calories- like "I'll just eat a salad for lunch and skip dinner so I can eat what I want at the party."  Do you know what happens?  I go crazy for every snack and goodie I see because I'm starving!  Medical experts advise us to eat our normal meals and snacks, and then choose the things at a party (or on a goodie tray) that we absolutely cannot live without eating.  Then, stick to the three bite rule:  One for that amazing first taste, a satisfying middle bite, and the lingering pleasure of a third.  Then throw the rest away!

There are a lot of other great ideas out there, but these are my favorites.  What's your favorite way to avoid the "Festive 15"?  
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