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Monday, November 11

Tulle Turkey Wreath!

The other day I was going through my Facebook feed when I saw the cutest wreath in the world. AND it wasn't from one of the dozens of craft blogs I follow, it was from friend at church! I asked her a few questions about it and where she got the inspiration. Pinterest was the main source, but she could only find a picture, not a tutorial. Since it was so cute and she didn't mind me copying, I had to make one of my own and put a tutorial out there for you all!
So first you need all of your supplies. 
  • Wreath form (i used a 14". Remember that the tulle will add a lot of height to your finished product)
  • Styrofoam balls and cones- for eyes and nose
  • Ribbon- brown and yellow, 5+ yards of each (my brown was 4 yards and it was barely enough!)
  • Tulle- red and orange, 1-2 yards of each color-- see my rant below about tulle!
  • Something for the hangy downy thing on the turkey, I used a felt piece leftover from this wreath
  • Acrylic paint- white, black, and orange for the eyes and beak
  • Hot glue
  • Pins (not totally necessary, but my eyes kept melting off, lol)
Okay, start by wrapping your wreath form in ribbon. You could easily just do the brown ribbon, and do the rest of the turkey in tulle, I felt I could save on the amount of tulle by putting yellow ribbon underneath and then just layering the red and orange tulle on top.

I used a dab of hot glue every few wrap arounds to secure the ribbon in place.

After I wrapped my wreath I went ahead and painted my styrofoam pieces so they could dry while I was cutting and tying tulle. The styrofoam really eats up the paint and then takes awhile to dry!

Now it's time to cut your tulle. This is completely subjective to how you like it. Cut a few strips and see if you like the length before cutting them all out. I ended up with 27" long pieces (1 1/2 inches wide) which I folded in half, and THEN tied it around the wreath form making a simple knot. 

***Time for a tulle rant***

Every tulle wreath tutorial I looked on called for 45-50 yards of tulle. Even though tulle is inexpensive, that's still a lot of money! I knew I only needed tulle for half of my wreath, but still couldn't fathom buying even 20 yards of tulle. It just didn't seem like I'd need that much. But, I've underestimated materials for projects before, and didn't want to get started and not be able to finish. That's the worst. SO, I bought 6 yards of each color.  Folks, I only used about a yard of each color!! Maybe people like to do more ties, bunch it up a lot, but with the yellow already underneath I think it looked great. I counted and I used 53 strips. I just give you this warning so you don't buy too much tulle like me. Do what you think will look best for you! I sent the extra to my sister and gave some to a friend to make their own turkey wreaths :)

***Tulle rant over***

SOOO, once it was all tied on, I glued the eyes, beak, and hangey downy thing. However, since it apparently gets really hot between my storm door and front door, the glue from the eyes melted and fell off! The kids thought it was hilarious! I got some floral pins and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon!

I love getting inspired by my friends. I get so many comments on this wreath. And to think I wasn't even going to make a Thanksgiving wreath this year...

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  1. Thank you for the directions using cut by the yard tulle! I also was familiar with the 45+ yards post and realized it was the tulle you can by on the spool, but I could not figure out how much to use when I purchased it by the yard instead! I am grateful!

  2. This wreath is awesome. I think it has to be one of the cutest turkey wreaths I've seen, and on a budget too. Awesome work!!

  3. I am so excited to make this darling wreath! My mom is visiting in a few weeks and this is what we will be making....Can you tell me what you estimated you spent on the total? Thanks again for the help!

    1. This will be so fun to make together! As for the cost I definitely took several trips to the craft store, utilizing their coupons. But if you need a wreath form, styrofoam pieces, ribbon and tulle I would plan somewhere between $20-$25. Hope this helps and your turkeys turn out great!

  4. This is soooooo awesome. I'm taking one to my girlfriend and making one for my office. Thank you for the instructions!!

  5. This is just fantastic! Pinning. Thanks!


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