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Thursday, November 21

Three Things Thursday: Let's Go to the Movies!

Three Movies I Can't Wait To See

1.  Catching Fire-   I know it's out today but it will take some time with my husband's busy schedule before we actually can get a babysitter and go see it.  I really enjoyed the books (even Mockingjay!) and am really excited to see this movie!


2.  Frozen-  I love to take my kids to movies.  When my youngest was a toddler he would cry and cry, so movies just never happened.  But now that they are old enough, we go to as many movies as we can.  Our local theater even has a Summer Movie Series, and we love to go every week.  My kids are just glued to the screen, and I love watching their reactions to the funny parts.
     They are so excited for a new Disney movie, and Frozen looks very entertaining.  We'll be there next week when it opens!  

3.  Saving Mr. Banks-  A lot of people I know haven't heard about this movie.  This is the story of how Walt Disney got Mary Poppins made into a movie, since the author P.L. Travers was adamantly against it.  It stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, two actors I love to watch.  It sounds like a fascinating story!
'Saving Mr Banks' UK teaser poster

There are others of course.  What movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing?
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  1. The next Hobbit movie! But I can't wait to see the three you posted too :)


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