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Tuesday, September 24

My Fall Mantel

My fall decor is up!  I don't care if it is still over 100 degrees- fall starts next week, and I am determined to bring cooler temperatures here as soon as possible!  Maybe the fall decor will trigger a cold front.  Right?  Sigh....
So, I have never loved my attempts at a fall mantel.  I've mentioned before that we have a huge painting of The Sacred Grove hanging over our fireplace, and we don't move it for anything.  In fact, my husband asks me why I keep "covering it up" with our decor.  
Husbands just don't get the necessity of a decorated mantel!
So, coming up with decor that will work in front of our giant painting is difficult.
I'm no interior decorator, but this year I'm pretty in love with what I put together.
Do you know what my favorite part about this is?  I didn't buy a single thing- yet my mantel is COMPLETELY different from anything I've put up before!

I started with an empty frame and a bag of leaves I already owned.  If you're lucky enough to live somewhere with REAL leaves, I'd use those instead!  But since I live in the desert, mine are fake.  I simply tied a length of twine across the frame, then hung the leaves with mini clothespins.
I added a pumpkin sign I already owned on one side, and one of my Fall Stitched Jars on the other.
Next, I created this sweet fabric and burlap bunting to hang across the center of the mantel.  I love what Lolly Jane did for a spring banner in this post, so I used their tutorial to make my own fall version.  I already had the burlap, fabric, and jute, so again- this was completely free to me.
Finally I completed the look with a leaf garland I usually put on my console table, then added my 2x4 painted pumpkins and a basket of fake apples in the corners for balance.
It feels like fall in my living room!  Now, I just have to wait for it to feel like fall outside.  Only another 6 weeks or so of 100 degree weather.  I can make it.  I can make it......

 How's the weather where you are? Are you wearing sweaters and boots yet?  If so, I'm JEALOUS!

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