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Thursday, September 26

Three Things Thursday #7

Three Books I've Really Enjoyed Recently
I know I don't typically review books here, but reading is probably my number one favorite thing to do! Yes, I love it even more than making things.  You can almost always find me with my nose in a book (or in my Kindle).  So I thought it would make a perfect installment of Three Things Thursday.  If you love to read, you may want to consider the following books:

1.  The Crooked Branch by Jeanine Cummins.  This book was a fascinating story of motherhood back in the time of the Irish Famine, as well as in a modern-day family.  If you're a mother and have ever doubted yourself (haven't we all?), then you might identify with this book as well.  The Crooked Branch was completely engrossing, had characters I cared about, and was really beautifully written as well.

 I found this book at the library in the "new arrivals" section, which is the only section I can browse with my littles in tow.  By the way, here's a tip for all you book-loving moms who can't browse the library either: peruse the online catalog, then put the books you want on hold!  Once they are ready, you get an email to pick them up, and it takes ten seconds to pull them off the hold shelf.  Voila- new books for mom to read!

2.  Beauty Rising by Mark. W. Sasse:- From Goodreads:  "Martin Kinney, Jr. is a 30+ year old living in his parents' home, with a job at a local retailer. On his father's deathbed, Martin finally hears the secret that transformed his family into a bitter, angry existence. His father's last wish is for Martin to go to Vietnam and leave his ashes in a field where the memory of a beautiful woman haunted him and he lost his buddies to the war. So begins Martin's journey of redemption from a past he didn't know had dictated his life until this point."

This book was emotional, moving, and at times humorous.  I really enjoyed reading it!

3. A Death on the Wolf by G.M. Frazier: This is a wonderful coming-of-age story set in the explosive summer of 1969, outside Bells Ferry, Mississipi.  From the trials of a sixteen year old boy grappling with first loves, changing friendships, and the historical events happening all around him, to the menacing of a purely evil man who stole more than the innocence of a town-- this book was riveting and thought-provoking.  Though it is about teenagers, this is definitely a book for mature readers only, as the themes explored are often sensitive in nature.


Do you like to read?  What have you read recently and loved?  I'm always looking for a new book to read!
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