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Wednesday, September 25

Etched Glass Frame: A Boy and His Dog

A few months ago I was wandering around Manitou Springs, which is a cute little town nestled in the mountains full of fun shops and food. Sadly Manitou has been hard hit with all the rain we've been having not just over the past week, but the past 90 days. Forest fires leave the mountains without much vegetation and cause flash flooding to occur almost every time it rains.
Anyways, there was a cute pet gift store that was full of bumper stickers and mugs and toys and everything you could want for your pet or about your pet. The thing I wanted to buy right then and there was a picture frame that said, "Who saved who?".  
See, we got our dog Carson in April from the Humane Society, so we 'saved' him, but since he's been in our family he has saved us in so many ways. My oldest son, who is on the autism spectrum, immediately bonded with Carson in a way that he never has with us. They are good buds, and I had an awesome picture of the two of them that truly fit that phrase, who saved who.
This project didn't cost me anything since I already had everything on hand, but even so it would not have been very expensive. Here's what you need to do some glass etching on a picture frame.
Glass Picture frame
Vinyl (or other way to stencil)
Glass Etching Creme
First I entered my words into my Silhouette Studio software. I cut them out onto vinyl. It doesn't matter what color you use, just give yourself a border around your words so you can apply the creme easily.  Remove the letters so that all you have left is negative space, creating a stencil. 
Apply your glass etching creme generously, being sure to coat all your letters. Vinyl works GREAT as a stencil because it won't let your creme seep underneath. Let it sit 3-5 minutes and then rinse off with water BEFORE removing vinyl. I usually dry it off a little bit and make sure i didn't miss any spots, and then remove the vinyl.
Now, I knew that this would be really faint on the frame, so I put a strip of colored card stock underneath (i.e. in the picture frame on top of the picture) so that it would pop. 

It was a nice simple project that turned a good picture into a great memory.
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