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Thursday, September 19

Three Things Thursday #6

Three "Pin"spirations for new Window Treatments

I have been looking to do window treatments in our living room for awhile. It's a wonderful space that combines a sitting room with the piano and our kitchen/dining area. Since it's all one open area we are looking to tie it all together with window treatments. I like the idea of cornices, so here are my top 3 sites that are helping me decide just how to get it done!

1. Chocolate, Tater Tots and Cheerios

2. Vanessa Shaffer Designs

3. All Things Thrifty

This project is going to be set on the side table for a little while while my husband goes out of town for awhile. I will definitely need his help on this, but I can do some fabric shopping while he's gone! :)

Have any of you done cornices that you want to share?

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