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Thursday, September 5

Three Things Thursday #4

Three Things I'm "into" Right Now
  1. Knitting-  I am getting back on my knitting train and attempting to finish at least one of my family's stockings before Christmas, well, Thanksgiving I guess! I forgot how enjoyable it was to sit down, watch a show like SYTYCD and knit. Wish me luck!
    This is the pattern of stocking I am making, just like what we had growing up!

  2. Insanity- I've been working out before the kids get up from school and while Insanity is hard, and well, insane, I find it well worth the time and effort. I've lost a pound per week!
    Does anyone else hate Tonya? She's too good at Insanity...

  3. Freezer Meals- Kind of like Valerie's pinterest list 'I tried it and liked it', I was always seeing pins and mentions of doing freezer meals. When a friend of mine had her baby and I wasn't going to be in town to bring her some meals, I thought that the gift of some freezer meals would come in handy. She loved them and said they were great to have in her freezer and ready to go when she didn't have time to get something prepared. That gave me the thought to make more freezer meals and have them on hand if I need them, or if a family in our congregation needs a meal, and I would have it all ready to go.   This week I doubled this batch of freezer meals from Baked in the South, and I love how she has a grocery list at the end. Just be sure when looking at the list, you look at how much of that item you need so you don't think to yourself, "Oh, I have that", but then end up not having enough. :)

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