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Friday, January 25

Valentine's Day Specimen Art


Are you ready for Valentine's Day posts already? It's not too far off, which means if you've been wanting to add to your decor, the time is now!

I've been wanting to make some specimen art for a long time. I love that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I love that I can just use my scraps and make something awesome.

I've also had this idea nagging me for a long time. See, some holidays get all the attention. But what about St. Patrick's day, Easter and even the 4th of July? They need some love too! So my goal this year was to make an interchangeable specimen art! It will always hang in the same place and the content will change with the seasons! All I needed was the perfect frame, which I happened to find at Wal-mart. I wanted something deeper so I could do 3D effects but not worry about smooshing anything or having it where kids can touch it.

I think it's a great addition to my (very minimal) Valentine's Day decor, and a great start to a year's worth of Specimen Arts!


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  1. Laura, that looks really cute! Love the idea of changing it throughout the year!

  2. Love this! I found you at My Crazy Beautiful Life's blog hop - I'm a new follower and loving what I've read so far!

    Happy Weekend!


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