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Wednesday, January 16

Craft Paint Storage Tip


I wish I had my own craft space.  But I don't.  My craft space is really an office/guest room/sewing corner/craft room.  In fact, it's usually a big mess.  We have this big wall unit from IKEA that helps me keep things organized.

Most of this side houses various craft supplies.

If you notice, one of those drawers houses my craft paint.  I know that a drawer for craft paint doesn't work for everyone, so this week's Crafternize it!  is really more of a helpful tip.  Here it goes:

Every time you use a new bottle of paint, dab a little of the paint on the lid and let it dry.  When you are looking through your stash to see if you have the right color, you'll be able to see it quickly and easily.  Do this even if the manufacturer supplies a paint chip dot.  They aren't always accurate.

Why is this important?  Well, look at how many different greens I have. (Side note- what is up with me and green?  Too much green ribbon, and now 10 different shades of green paint!)  But anyways, if I have a project that requires green paint, I can see how that paint will look dry so I can make sure it's the right shade.  The color in the bottle is often different than how it dries.

So, there you go:  a helpful tip and an idea for how to organize those paints.  I used to have mine all thrown in a box, but then I never knew what I had.  This way I can just open the drawer and check before I make a trip to the craft store.  Consider storing your paints in a place where you can easily see what you have.

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