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Friday, January 18

HOME: Stenciled Wall Letters


I may have mentioned once or twice that I am competing in this season of So You Think You're Crafty.  I hope you are all going over and voting each week, even if it's not for my project.  There are so many talented crafters in the competition this season, and it's been a blast!
I've really excited to have made it through to week threee- Knock-Off, so stop by Monday for a new group of projects!

The first week's theme was On the Wall, and this was my project:

I love the way it looks in my home.  I'm not sure it translates well to pictures, but it really is the first thing I notice when I walk in the front door.  I love it!

(Just in case you are wondering, my kitchen table is missing because we were refinishing it! :)

If you'd like to do something similar in your home (maybe with your word of the year?) then I whipped up a quick tutorial.

Supplies needed:
12x12 Wall plaques (I used a 2'x2' oak board from Lowe's that was cut into 4 equal pieces)
Paint in your choice of colors/Paint brush
Vinyl or Contact Paper for a stencil
Craft cutter or xacto knife
Command strips for hanging

Once you have your boards cut, sanded and ready, paint them the color you want your letters to be.  Mine is vanilla white.  I needed two coats for the coverage I wanted.   Let your paint dry completely- several hours or overnight.

Cut out your letters.  I used my Silhouette, but you could certainly draw them and cut with an Xacto knife.   Apply the letters to your painted boards and make sure there are no bubbles on the edges.

Paint over the stencils with your primary paint color (black for me).  Again, I used two coats.  Let dry to the touch, then remove the stencil, pulling slowly and carefully.

What happens if you have some bleeding on your stencil?

Well, I use a flat brush like this, and just carefully paint over it.

Doesn't this look better?

Once your paint is completely dry, hang them using Command Strips:  they hold the weight perfectly AND don't damage your walls.  Love!

I'm linking this up to some of these parties- come check them out with me!

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  1. That looks SO simple. I am definitely going to see if I can remember to do this.

  2. this is beautiful. This is home DIY stuff. Love it. Would like you to come link up to my party. I think my followers might like this also. Thanks, Linda


  3. Beautiful sign, you did a great job! It looks great!

  4. Cute sign. I'm so not crafty but I love seeing what others are up to!!

    1. Thanks Aimee- I appreciate you taking the time to visit!

  5. You make it look so easy! Did you do the one above the kitchen window too? I like this a lot, love the white letters against the black boards! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

    1. Tanya- it is pretty easy! The one above the kitchen I did also, but it is vinyl instead of paint. Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment!


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