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Monday, January 14

Making My Own- Instant Oatmeal Packets


Okay folks, this is by far the easiest Making My Own recipe I've posted. This is something I'm sure a ton of us use and hate spending so much money for! We sure do pay for convenience, don't we?

Introducing, Making My Own instant oatmeal packets! I got the recipe over at Countrified Hicks, and it is so simple and easy to alter to your liking. She even makes her packets at double size since it usually takes two of the store-bought packets to fill up her kids.

Can you just imagine how great these would be for road trips, camping, and just every day living? I made 4 of these packets and didn't even make a dent in any of the ingredients you would need to make these, which means these are super cost efficient as well. I hope you get good use out of these!

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