Making My Own- Refried Beans AND So You Think You're Crafty Week #1 | Occasionally Crafty: Making My Own- Refried Beans AND So You Think You're Crafty Week #1

Monday, January 7

Making My Own- Refried Beans AND So You Think You're Crafty Week #1


A new season of So You Think You're Crafty has started, and I (Valerie) am in it!  Thanks for helping me make it into the Top 10!  The first projects are up today, and the theme is On the Wall.  As before, I can't tell you which project is mine, but if you will please take a minute and vote for a project you like, I'd greatly appreciate it!  And please, tell you friends and family to vote too!



After you've voted, you can try out my latest in the Making My Own Series. This week is refried beans. Ever since I got on the kick of making some things on my own, I've been stocking up on dried beans and making them when I have the chance. Yes, it's quite time consuming, but they are SO much cheaper than buying them in the can. After they are ready I freeze them in 2 cup portions, which is about the size of a can, and they are ready when I need them for chili or taco soup. I recently stumbled upon a recipe for making your own refried beans and just had to try it. I used pinto beans. (pardon the lack of pictures)
This recipe comes from Simple Saving Savvy. Unlike a lot of my recipes, this one requires some forethought. I plan my menu a week at a time, and if I know I need refried beans for a recipe I'd need to do this at least a day ahead. BUT if you do a whole lot at once and freeze it, then you can have it on hand for recipes in the future. Mine turned out a little soupy, but still tasted amazing! I think the only reason it turned out soupy is because I didn't change the proportions correctly when I did half of a bag of beans. My immersion blender worked perfectly right there in the crockpot to blend it up nicely! 
Have you been trying any of my Make My Own recipes? I'd love to hear how they turned out! Or if you have something you've always wanted to try, I'll do it for you! 
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