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Tuesday, June 3

Fun in the Summertime Series: Summer Travel Fashion/Tips from Create Bake Celebrate

Welcome to our Fun in the Summertime Series!  You can catch up on all the posts here!

Hello Occasionally Crafty readers! My name is Madeline (and I'm so excited to be a part of the Fun in the Summer series!), & you can usually find me blogging over at Create Bake Celebrate with my sister, Holly. We blog about home, fashion, DIY, recipes and more! We would love for you to stop by- or follow us below!

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I am a teacher, so summer is always a great time! This summer is an especially crazy one for me in regards to travel. I am so excited about it- I am going to Disney / on a Disney cruise with my husband's family, to the beach with my family, to Italy and Greece with students, & to Alaska with my husband (we are visiting the states in ABC order)! I am pretty sure I am going to be traveling more than I am home this summer! Since I can't stop thinking about school letting out (the last few weeks are always the longest!), I have come up with some travel essentials- especially for my two week trip to Europe! So if you are traveling across the pond this summer or just to the pool, here are my summer essentials!

Travel Clothing
I love these maxi dresses for traveling- they are so easy to wear, make you look put together; its one piece of clothing for a whole outfit that you can dress up or down! When you are lugging around your luggage, this is a must. And both of these are under $20 right now!
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Sun Protection
I am so fair that I am constantly putting on sunscreen. These cute coverups can also be worn as dresses and have an SPF of 50. There are great for outside tours, sitting by the pool, or just looking cute!

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As a tourist in Europe, you walk- a lot. Everyone kept telling me to buy some crocs, but I just couldn't bring myself to. Luckily, I checked out the website and they have a lot of cute stuff! I am most likely giong to invest in a a good pair of walking shoes as well- but for $30ish bucks, these can't be beat.

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Whether traveling with your own kids, or with students, storage space is a must. I am checking out diaper bags- lots of pockets and generally wipe able- for my trip to Europe. I really like the messenger bag type- they are safer when traveling on public transportation. Anyone have any suggestions?
What are your traveling must haves? Any tips on traveling to Europe with 20 people? Or for an Alaskan cruise? I hope to see you again over at CBC!

Thanks Madeline!  Those are some great fashion finds!  And, I'm so jealous of your upcoming trips!
Now, click over to enter the giveaway, and we'll see you here tomorrow for a great summer project from Creative Ramblings!

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