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Wednesday, June 25

Make Your Blog Beautiful: Taking the Fear out of DIY Blog Design

If you're anything like me, after you've been blogging for awhile, you start looking at everyone else's blogs and wishing yours looked like theirs.  How do they get that cute font?  What about those adorable social media buttons?  Why doesn't yours look so clean?  
You could hire a blog designer to give you exactly what you want.  But, if you're cheap frugal like me, you might want to consider doing the design yourself.  
Because blogging is a hobby for me (albeit a time-consuming, slightly profitable one!), I couldn't really justify spending a chunk of change on a blog overhaul.  So I turned to the internet for help.  And, I was also thrilled that this was a topic at last year's Online Blog Conference!  I came across some great tutorials, and I'm going to share some of them with you.  
As a result of my "research", I completely designed this blog by myself, using tips and tutorials from the pros.  All it takes is a test blog, a clear vision of what you want, and a little courage to try new things!

Before we get started- set up a test blog.  I am on Blogger, so I just created a new blog, named it Valerie's Test Blog, and set it to "private".  Now I can try out any coding or HTML there first without screwing up my actual blog.  Super important, right?  And here's a disclaimer:  I've only used these tutorials on Blogger and really have no idea how to personalize Wordpress.  So if you are a WP blogger- you'll have to search elsewhere for help.  Maybe my WP readers can leave some resources in the comments? (hint, hint).  Still, I think everyone can learn something about DIY design from my experience- so please keep reading!
Ok.  Let's get started.  Here are the most important things (according to me, but based on experience and lots of research!) that you need to have when designing your own blog.


If you haven't already done so, take some time to browse your favorite blogs.  What jumps out at you?  What catches your eye?  What do you wish your blog had?  Take notes and figure out how to make those things work for you.


I don't know about you, but most of my traffic these days comes from Pinterest.  That means most of the people coming to my blog are new visitors- and I want to convert them to loyal readers!  A header not only includes the all-important name of your blog, but it shows a little bit of your personality, and ideally gives your visitors a way to find you on their favorite social media platform.
Think about including a tagline.  Let them know what your blog is about, especially if it's not obvious in your name.  If your blog is called 123 Cherry Tree Lane and is all about sewing- well, you might want to explain that somewhere.
As for helping people find you, you'll notice I have my social media buttons in my header, and they are clickable (in my actual header- not this image). 
If, for example, one of your visitors isn't an avid blog reader but loves Twitter, showing them they can you find you there is a huge plus!
Another option is to put the social media buttons in your sidebar.  If you choose to do it that way, make sure they are at or close to the top and easy to find!

Click here to find some really cute social media buttons for your blog.
Click here for a great tutorial for installing them from My Favourite Things
Design your own header with PicMonkey using this tutorial.
Here's how to make any image in your header clickable (Image-Mapping).  Thanks Something Swanky!


I highly recommend that the main part of your blog is a white background with a fairly standard font in black. If I have to struggle to read your font, I'm clicking away and I'm not coming back.
However, it's fun to have some fun or creative fonts for blog post titles and for your sidebar titles.  A GREAT tutorial for installing these on your blog can be found here, as well as some really fun fonts here.
Let the background pattern or image show off your personality.  There are a bunch of sites that offer free blog backgrounds, and those are great when you're starting out.  But since they are free, ANYONE can use them, which means you'll see "your" design on other blogs.  Why not find something completely unique to you for a background?

The Cutest Blog on the Block teaches you how to make a cute scrappy background in Photoshop here.
Something Swanky has a great tutorial to learn how to design your own custom background in PicMonkey.

I wanted diagonal stripes, so I used the stripe generator here, then installed it as a repeating image following this tutorial at Blogger Buster.  You could use that same tutorial for polka dots, chevron, flowers, or really any image you want to continue across your whole background.

Readers come to your blog for your content, be it recipes, crafts, or to read your thoughts.  Make your content the STAR.  You can do that by de-cluttering your sidebar, getting rid of distractions like music playing, and improving your content space.
I made my text area extra wide.  This gives me plenty of room for extra-large photos to catch my reader's eyes.  If you want to do the same, here's the tutorial I used.  


There are some things you NEED to have on your blog, like a navigation bar for your different pages, a photo or "About Me" box, and a way for people to get in touch with you.  
I suggest starting here at Something Swanky and see if she has what you're looking for- her tutorials are easy to follow!
Then there are things that add a little something extra to your blog, but aren't technically necessary.  This is where you can really have some fun making your blog look just how you want it.  Get those typing fingers going and search online for tutorials for exactly what you're looking for.  There are many people willing to share their knowledge with you, if you just take the time to search them out.  

In the end, it's your blog.  You have to stare at that thing every day, and things will start to bug you if they're not quite right.  Even if "everyone" says to do something but you just aren't a fan, stay true to yourself and your vision.  There are as many blog designs as there are blogs, and they all have success despite their differences.  
I'm going to close this (rather lengthy) blog post with a list of some of my favorite blog designs so you can get started with some inspiration for yours.  Good luck, and have fun designing!

Visit Vintage Revivals to see how Mandy makes her content the STAR!

Visit Crazy for Crust to see one of my favorite headers (and I love Dorothy's post title font!)
Lolly Jane is the epitome of a blog that represents the style of its authors, Kelli and Kristi.  I love everything about it!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the OBC link :) I saw the post on G+ and clicked over and was so tickled. Off to share it all over the OBC pages! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing it! I'm excited about OBC2014!

  2. Hi there to the both of you, Laura and Valerie! I deem designing your own blog is simple. But not really simple. :)

    Well, I just say, your list reflects your blogging site and happy that you are sharing something you are actually doing. I use Canva and Pixlr, I was using Picmonkey Years ago, and it is a cool tool.

    Thank you for sharing some ideas where to find useful tools to create a simple and clean blog design. Professionalism is what your blog design reflects plus your theme and goal.

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    1. Thanks Miranda for your comment! We appreciate your thoughts!

  3. Hello mam,
    Yes designing a blog isn't quite simple which takes so much efforts,But if your not going cheap that considering a good designer is required.

    I have seen blog design which reflect the simplicity of the blog as yours.

    If your so much worried about your blog design that i advise yo to design your blog for your readers and their requirements.

    Adding extra details like social sharing is also good.

    A Kingged Contributor -Inzamam

  4. Hi, Valerie! :)

    This article of yours is indeed interesting to read.

    I think it is common that every blogger intend to make their blog beautiful. Blog design has been a blogger’s mark of his own uniqueness, creativity and style. It is important to easily engage your readers, to get more visitors being fascinated for who you are and to simply get the benefits of blogging.

    As for me, blog design will also help you build your own identity and show your difference among other bloggers out there.

    Sometimes, it is good to just hire a designer, but I think it’s more personal and practical if you will design your blog by yourself.

    These tips that you’ve shared above are valuable and relevant. I like how you pointed out your concept on each tip numbered. I’m pretty sure that they will help and inspire many bloggers to take away the fear of making a DIY blog design.

    This blog is very into fashion and style. I really love everything here!

    Thanks a lot for the post!

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