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Saturday, June 7

Father's Day Card

I was asked to review the card-making process at Cardstore.com, and was given one free credit to do so.  I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are my own.

Laura really loves to make handmade cards.

I'm not quite that industrious.  I usually pick up a card at the store, or if I plan ahead enough, will order something cute online.

I was excited to try out Cardstore.com .  It is exactly what the name implies: an online card store!  They have cards for all occasions and holidays, both photo cards and standard greeting cards.

I decided to send my dad a photo card for Father's Day.  He lives in Illinois, and since we live in Arizona, we don't get to see each other that often.  I thought he might like to see his grandkids' smiling faces a little more often, and a photo card accomplishes that!

The customization process is simple- maybe even the easiest I've found on some of these sites.  There are lots of designs available.

I picked a pretty classic design that would showcase a great picture of my kids.  I love how there are so many options of where you can upload a photo from.  With technology today, a lot of us have pictures stored on our phone or in our social media accounts, so using those is brilliant!

Once you add your photos you can customize your text. There are some really cute options available, and even different colors of ink!  It was so easy to make it look just the way I wanted!

Once I had my card designed, I got to preview and approve all sides of the card before I had to enter any payment information.  Creating a free account was simple, and the checkout process could not have been easier.

I highly recommend Cardstore.com next time you need a card.  The prices are competitive, the options are many, and the process was really simple.  What more do you need?

Just a reminder- I was given credit to make one free card so I could review the card-making process, but I was not compensated in any other way.  I really, actually, truly madly deeply do recommend Cardstore.com

(You're welcome for the song that is now stuck in your head!) 
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