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Monday, June 16

Rent Lego Sets? Genius! (Pley Review)

Disclosure:  Affiliate Links are contained in this post.  I am a Pley affilliate and was given a free three month subscription in return for an honest review and promotion of their service.  All opinions are my own.

The Lego Movie comes out tomorrow!  If you have Lego lovers like me, this is cause for rejoicing (at least for them!).  Actually, I loved the movie.  I was laughing out loud throughout the movie, and I wasn't the only adult doing so.

In celebration of this, I have two exciting announcements for you.  First of all, I am now a Pley affiliate!  If you are a mom of Lego-lovers, you need to check this company out.  This video I made (awkwardly) tells you exactly what it is and shows you what you get.

(You can click here if you're having trouble loading the video)

Sound interesting?  You can get a FREE Trial by clicking here or by clicking the ad in my below.
Pley - Rent LEGO Sets!

 Some quick FAQ's answered:

 1.  You can lose up to 15 pieces without being penalized- which is essential if your kids are playing with them.
2.  The sets are cleaned and sanitized between rentals.
3.  It takes 2-3 days to get a new set.
4.  Yes the Lego sets are sometimes incomplete, but so far ours have only been missing pieces that were not essential to building the set.
5.  As I said in the video, shipping is included in your monthly rate, so you don't have to pay to ship it back!

My kids have put together two sets from Pley and it has been awesome!  We were missing two small pieces, which we reported online, but neither was essential to the construction of the set.

You can see they were very deep in concentration.

These keep my kids busy for several hours building, and then I let them play with it over the weekend.  This morning we took it apart, bagged it up, and I dropped it off at the post office.  Soon, our next set will be on its way!  We are all thrilled with this so far!

 Here's two small things I don't love about our experience.
1.  I can't always report the missing pieces.  I think there may be a bug on their website, but according to a rep of the company they are trying to figure it out, so I hope it will be fixed soon.

 2.  Do you remember the old Netflix days, when you would put DVD's you wanted to see in your queue, and then when it was available, they sent it to you?  Your Pley "pleylist" is the same thing.  It tells you to put your Lego sets in the order you want to get them, but it doesn't necessarily ship you your #1 choice, but rather the first that's available in your desired order.  So, when we were hoping for a "Creator" Lego set and got a "Chima" one instead, my oldest son was a little disappointed.  He still enjoyed putting the set together, but the language on the website isn't really clear that that will happen.

In spite of these small problems, we've LOVED having a new Lego set each week!  I hope you'll try it out or tell your Lego-loving friends about it!  This leads me to my second announcement:

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this already, but I want to put out a reminder that tomorrow Pley will be holding a Lego Movie DVD Release Twitter party, hosted by Ellie of Creative Geekery and Fadra from All Things Fadra.

Prizes include LEGO DVDs, The LEGO Ideas Book, two Superfan Pley Subscriptions and a Grand Prize Package that includes one 3-month Mega Fan Pley subscription, LEGO Movie Set, and LEGO Movie DVD! (Open only to U.S. residents).

RSVP by clicking here .  Anyone who RSVP's will receive a SPECIAL OFFER for after the party!  Awesome!

Would you rent Lego's?  Does this sound as awesome to you as it is to us, or do you have reservations?  Let me know if you have any questions!
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  1. Aww, your kids looked like they were having as much as my kids were with this and must admit we just can't get enough of Pley and their Lego rentals either now :)

    1. They certainly were Janine! I hope the experience continues to be as great as it has been so far!


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