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Tuesday, January 14

Vinyl Car Decal- Music Stick Family!

I have to begin this post by saying, this was all my husband's idea. AND it's an idea he told me about a long time ago that I'm just now finally getting around to doing! He wanted a creative stick figure family that reflected our family a little better, and since we're big music nerds he challenged me to find a way to make a musical stick family!

Almost all of my shapes came from the silhouette store, but I had to get creative when turning regular notes into people. Splicing and merging shapes were the techniques I used to make it work. 

To splice, select the splicing tool on the left hand side of your screen. This literally cuts your image into separate cuttable pieces, using straight lines only. Since I wanted the hair from a different shape, I spliced it off, put it on top of my note and merged the two shapes together. Voila! Hairy musical notes! Once you get used to how this tool works, you'll find yourself using it all the time to edit your shapes!

So after a whole lot of splicing and merging from a myriad of different shapes from my library, my musical family was ready to cut out! Nothing too tricky here, other than putting a square of white vinyl behind the eyes and mouth to make sure they didn't get lost in the color of the car.

My husband loves how it turned out, and I love that he inspires me to craft things too! My favorite is the eighth note puppy! :)

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  1. How cute!!! Cute, cute, cute!!!! I LOVE your stick family!! You are so creative!!!

    I can't believe this post hasn't been pinned thousands and thousands of times!! Well, I'm pinning it right now!! My husband is the musical one in our family....teaches elementary music in our Christian school plus gives private piano lessons.....What's my musical ability? To play the radio! :) I might have to make a similar decal for his car and add our two dachshunds!!
    Thanks again for sharing this fabulous post. I really do appreciate how you explained how you modified and made your stick people.


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