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Tuesday, January 21

Spicing up my craft room- Vinyl Matryoshka Dolls!

Even though the work space in my craft room is awesome, I haven't done much else to make it mine! Sometimes you have to get a little creative with your work space so you can love it even more and want to come in there and create more!
I have a love of Matryoshka Dolls, AKA Russian stacking dolls. I've been fortunate to receive a few beautiful sets from good friends throughout the years. I always keep an eye out in the antique stores and even look for seasonal themed ones. I display my actual dolls down in our living room, but when I saw an adorable stacking doll image on the Silhouette store, I had to get it and incorporate it into my room.
I decided to make them about 12" tall and put them above my window!
It took a lot of layering of vinyl, but I just love how they turned out!

Also, I mentioned in my last Three Things Thursday post that I was going to start some subway art on the walls of my craft room. I was too overwhelmed at the idea of doing it all at once, so I decided to add a little bit at a time and choose the words based on the crafts I had recently been doing! This makes it personal and more meaningful for me, instead of putting words up that just fill up space. Here's what I have so far!

It will be fun, colorful, and a great addition to the room the more I add to it!

What things have you done to spice up your favorite rooms in your home?

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  1. love this! your craft room is so organized!! Love those dolls, they look great!


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