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Thursday, January 16

Three Things Thursday: Workout Music

I've got to admit- I hardly own any current music.  I still listen to the radio, which probably makes me old-fashioned.  I do stream music to my iPhone when I'm on the go, though.  I usually use Pandora.  
When I excercise, I use the Pop Fitness playlist.  Sometimes it gives me really weird, random, songs.  But there are some great songs on there that I enjoy enough to add it to my personal, purchased music.  So here are
  Three Workout Songs to add to your Fitness Playlist.
1.  Wake Me Up: Avicii (with uncredited singer Aloe Blacc).  
This is Swedish "house" music- think clubs, parties, Dj's, etc.  It's a little mellow at the beginning but once the beat comes in, this song doesn't stop.  It's the perfect speed for a fast walk or a workout on equipment (I use an elliptical most of the time).
2.  More: Usher
This song really makes me want to work hard.  It's got a fast driving beat and of course the lyrics spur you on with motivation.  I think this was used for an NBA All-Star Game.  2010?  So- yeah- I feel like an All-Star.  Or something.
3.  Counting Stars:  OneRepublic
This song makes me want to clap along, or dance, or something.  It's seriously infectious, and it definitely has a great beat to keep you moving.  
I'd also like to add that I don't get music videos.  At. All.   
So, what do you listen to when you work out?  What should I add to my playlist?
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