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Monday, January 27

Simple Class Valentines

Now that my youngest is 4, it's a lot easier to help at class parties for my older kids.  I like to go and help them make their little crafts, or decorate cookies and whatnot.  It's really fun- unless your room mom is a bit of a control freak. 
Last year, we had a spring festival where each class had a booth.  Ours was a cake-walk, and we were supposed to bring cupcakes representing different countries (!)  I took the easy way out and did USA, with red, white, and blue cupcake wrappers, with white frosting and sprinkles.  I didn't make any fancy decorations because they were sent in the day before with my 2nd grader (meaning it had almost no chance of arriving in good shape!)

So, when I got to the booth to help out, I noticed the homeroom mom was not impressed with my cupcakes, and had added little flags to each of them to "spruce them up a bit".  

Aaandd, that's the last time I'll be donating cupcakes for that homeroom mom (who is our room mom again this year!)

Oh, craftiness.  I adore all the adorable homemade Valentine's that are all over the web each year. I admire the creativity of the bloggers, and I enviously think "Why didn't I think of that?"

Still, I've got to admit, since I tend towards the lazy crafting, most of those Valentine's don't have a chance in h-e- you know what of actually being made at this house.  That's because they are either take too much time, too much ink, or you have to find just the right little toy or candy to attach to them.

So, I designed my own super simple class Valentine's this year. My kids are CRAZY over silly straws and cool pencils.  I know, I know, that is so not original.  Hang in there a minute. 
I'm going to pick up a pack of silly straws and a pack of cool pencils, and I'm going to print out a bunch of these Simple Valentine's Day Flags, make my kids cut them out and address them, then glue them around the straws and pencils.  What could be easier than that?

I made you a free printable for the straws.  Download it here.

"Ex-STRAW" awesome.  Heh heh.  We're just that clever here.
I also made you one for the pencils.  Download it here.

All the sentiment, (more than) half the ink and paper.  Plus, it's candy-free, if that's important to you.  
Now you have more time to decorate insanely intricate cupcakes for your children's class parties.  Right?

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  1. I wanted to pin it, but first I checked the Download links and they don't work..

  2. Thanks for letting me know Ilona. I updated the links and they should work now!


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