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Thursday, January 9

Three Things Thursday #15

Three CRAFTS/PROJECTS I want to complete this year!

Last year was the first full year in our new home. I made a lot of wreaths and specimen art for each season that helped fill my home with holiday cheer. But now that those are done, I'm not going to reinvent each wreath (unless there's one i see that I just HAVE to make)! It's time to start giving my home some style. We can't afford to do everything  I'd like to do, but picking three to get done over the course of 2014 sounds like a plan to me!

1. Window Treatments for our Living Room
Remember when I shared a few pinspirations for window treatments? We were all ready to get started on this when my son transferred schools and used my window treatment money on his school fee. Then my hubby left for awhile and I decided not to tackle this one on my own. I don't think I could lift the valances all by myself. BUT I really want to finish it this year and help pull our living room together into one space!

2. Front Door Coat Hangers/Backpack Hangers (and Laundry room too!)
We have a kind of useless coat closet right when you enter the front door. It's not convenient for guests to use and out of the way and sight for us to use properly. If we take out our hand rail, it could be a good place for the kids to put their backpacks and coats when they come inside. Our other gathering place for coats and stuff is in the laundry room, which is right off the garage door. I don't think we're using the space effectively, so it'd be great to turn it into almost a mudroom, but still a laundry room!

3. My Craft Room
A lot of people joke with me that I'm so crafty, but my house is barely decorated, especially my craft room. But hey, at least I have a craft room, right? It is a very usable space that has served me well since moving here. But now it's time to make it mine. I have an awesome idea to personalize the space using my crafty skills. I'm going to have an ongoing subway art creation in my craft room. Whenever I craft something, I'm going to also create a vinyl word that represents that craft to cut out and put on the wall of my craft room, subway art style. It's like journaling with vinyl! Every few weeks I'll update you with how it looks! By the time it's filled up it will be a great addition to my craft room. I'm so excited!

Have any projects you've been wanting to get done? Share them with us!

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