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Thursday, October 10

Three Things Thursday #9: Pumpkins

Our church has a Pumpkin Decorating contest at our yearly Halloween party.  I might just make one of these:
1. Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage by Let's Go Fly a Kite:  This is so sweet, and perfect for the princess lover in your family.  I think it is really creative!

2.  Minions!  (No link, and a fruitless search for owner!)  I love this minion pumpkin set.  I've seen quite a few minion pumpkins popping up, but the detial on these is just perfect!    My kids love Minions!  (Plus, this way you don't have to carve anything! Bonus!)  Great job, whoever you are! (Please let me know if you know where these came from!)

3.  Grumpy Cat from The Swell Life:  Okay, honestly, probably not many people at my church would get it, but I just love Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce, who is actually from my state- holla!  !

What are you doing with your pumpkins this year?  Carve or no-carve?
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