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Friday, October 25

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

Okay everyone- this is a REALLY easy project and a super cute (and frugal!) way to get some custom trick or treating bags for your kiddos.  If you're like me and put things off until the last minute, this tutorial is for you!

You need: Canvas Tote Bag, Freezer Paper, Xacto Knife, Painting Supplies, Iron
Time: >1 hour

First up- if you don't know how to use freezer paper as a stencil, learn the technique over at this tutorial.  (But please come back!)

A quick explanation:  
Draw your design on the paper side of your freezer paper.  I used pumpkin stencils I found online.
Cut out the negative space (or the part you want painted) with an Xacto knife.  I just do this on a cutting board.

Use your iron to iron the shiny side onto the tote bag.  Make sure to get all the little pieces ironed down tight so the paint won't bleed.

Use fabric paint (or you could use regular old craft/acrylic paint with some fabric medium mixed in) to paint in your design.  Don't load up your brush with too much paint or it will bleed!

Let the paint dry, then peel off the freezer paper to expose your beautiful design!

I just realized that my best shots are all of different bags.  I made three-one for each kid.  I have to warn you- the black had some freezer paper "residue" left on it.  That's never happened before!  I think maybe my iron was too hot.  So be careful, kay?

Enjoy your custom treat bags, and enjoy your trick-or-treating!

We will be using ours at our church's "Trunk-or-Treat" party this weekend.  Anybody else doing some Halloween activities this weekend?
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