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Thursday, October 24

Three Things Thursday #11

Three Random Things About Me

1.  I am totally a band geek.  I started playing the flute in 5th grade, and never stopped!  I was in marching band and concert band in high school, then continued in college to major in music. I was in the Cougar Marching Band at BYU, and was even a drum major!  Then I TAUGHT high school band, including marching, concert, and jazz bands.  So, yeah.  I'm a band nerd.

BYU Spell at Pregame

2.  My favorite movie- Pride and Prejudice.  The BBC, six hour long version, not the Kiera Knightly version.   My college roommates and I pretty much wore out the tapes (yes, tapes!) watching that movie.

By the way, if you're a fan, you have to see Austenland.  I DIED laughing.  Especially during the "play" they put on.  I don't know- maybe I needed sleep that day, but it was seriously a funny movie.

You should also check out this plate I made with the above quote on it.  

3.  Guilty Pleasure Treat:  Milk Duds.  Every time I go to Walmart, where they sell those movie box-style candies for $.79 cents, I have to fight the urge to load up on Milk Duds.  I probably buy a box once a month, then eat them in one or two sittings.  (Don't judge me- they're just too yummy to resist!)  Unless of course I pull a stale box out of there.  Boo.


Me too, me too.

So there you go- three random things about me you never wanted to know, but I decided to tell you anyway!  Happy Thursday!

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  1. I've never seen Austenland, so I'm excite to check it out. Have you seen "Lost in Austen"? Hilarious!

  2. Here's the YouTube link to the full movie:
    Basically, she gets trapped in the novel. It's awesome!


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