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Thursday, October 17

Three Things Thursday #10

My Three Favorite Occasionally Crafty Posts

Occasionally Crafty has been around for awhile, and has been through a lot of changes over the years. My sister originally started the blog by herself and then later asked me to co-author with her. It has been GREAT having something to work on together since we don't live near each other. We really are both crafty girls who just love sharing our stuff with you, if only to have a collection of all the things we've created, though we hope we've inspired you along the way. 

I thought it would be fun to share my three favorite posts we've done so far, but picking just three is hard! To make it easier, here are three of Valerie's posts that I love, and then three of mine. :) Enjoy!

1. Interchangeable Pillow!  I love anything that can be used again and again. This pillow is so cute and perfect for all seasons!

2. Poppy Play Dress! Valerie is such a good seamstress. It's one area of crafting I have never dared to enter. Maybe if I had a little girl I'd be more motivated, but it still intimidates me. I love this dress she made for her daughter! 

3. Bow Tie Baby Shower and Purple and Green Baby Shower! I needed to have Valerie around for my baby shower. I love how cute everything is, but not over the top. I'm sure these ladies felt special and had an amazing day! 

And now for mine, not to toot my own horn, but if you don't like what you make, no one will, right? :)

1. Vinyl USA Wall Mural! This was a labor of love that is still a favorite for my kids and guests!

2. Valentine's Day Card! I love making cards, and this card for my husband was one our favorites. Click over to see the rest of it!

3. Making My Own! I have loved doing this series of posts of things we usually buy, but can easily make on our own, making them healthier and cheaper! 

I hope you've enjoyed looking back at some of my favorite posts from us here at Occasionally Crafty. What are some of your favorite things you've seen here? Please comment and share your favorites too!

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