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Monday, February 4

Reusable Conversation Heart Lunch Box Note


I hope you won't mind a week off from the Making My Own series. I tried several recipes this week that just didn't work! I felt like a real food blogger for a little bit there.

**Oh, and don't forget to vote for Valerie over at So You Think You're Crafty, she made it through another week!**

So when you can't make your own food work, time to make a craft work! I got an awesome laminator for Christmas and had a great idea on how to use it! Remember our Reusable Lunch Box Notes from the beginning of the school year? I thought it would be fun to put a Valentine's Day spin on it and cut out some hearts to make reusable conversation heart lunch box notes! Just a little something to make your kid smile when they open their lunch box from now until Valentine's day! If you don't have a laminator, just use some clear packing tape :)

Now please don't do what I did and 'surprise' your kid with the note because my son threw it away. Thankfully I made two and I told him not to throw it away this time. Kids! Do yours throw perfectly good food away too?  :)

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