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Friday, February 22

Coin display- Cherishing Your Memories

Most of you know that our family spent two years in Seoul, South Korea for our assignment with the military. It certainly was an interesting few years for us with some very high highs and very low lows. We've been back in the states for nearly 7 months now and some of those lows are fading from memory, and the awesome things we experienced are staying.

Before we left we exchanged our Korean money for American money, but I held onto a cup of Korean coins. I've always loved looking at foreign coins, and these were some that we actually used and became familiar with. I had to find a way to preserve and display them since my cup wasn't very pretty :)

I saw on pinterest someone who put their coins in a picture frame. I thought it was a great starting point, but i didn't want to just stick them in a frame and be done with it. So instead I took all of these:
I saved brochures and maps from everything we did in Korea

And this picture frame (that's been following me from house to house):

And carefully picked out logos, titles, tickets, pictures, memories-- and arranged it around the edge of the frame. I used glue stick to hold it all in place and then put a few layers of Mod Podge (matte) to seal it all together.  (This was the longest step by the way, but my favorite part is the map on the left, because it shows where we lived!)

Now it was time to add the coins. I used some leftover map for the background and hot glued the coins to it. Since there were only a few varieties of coins, I had to set my OCD at bay and let some of the same coins touch :)

I LOVE how it turned out. The kids love looking at all the pictures and remembering all the places they went and the adventures they had. Now it sits on top of my piano where I display quite a few of my Korean treasures.

I could see something like this working for those smashed pennies you can get at all the tourist traps around America, and even from a vacation you took! Don't forget to do something with all those memories you create :)

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