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Wednesday, January 26

Scrappin' Wednesday no.3

I did it!  I finished my family reunion pictures and moved on!  I don't know if anybody actually looks at these, but posting my scrapbook pages here at least keeps me motivated.  I have done about 10 pages in the last week, but I am still about a year and a half behind. 2009 was a big year for us- we took three trips and had a baby, so there is a lot to document!

Anyway- on to this week's layout.  I got this layout idea from Scrap Girls.  I like the idea that your title can go anywhere- it can be any direction, and in any spot (that makes sense) on your page.  So often I find myself putting the title in the same three places- across the top, across the bottom, or up the side.  It's fun to play around with it a little.


  1. I love what you did there! I'm going to play around with some titles too!

  2. very cute! I need to get motivated to scrapbook some more. I was all caught up until my baby was born last year... you know how it is !! :)

  3. @SarahYes, I know. Exactly what happened to me. Someday I'll get caught up, right?

  4. Hello, found you over at Supermom’s Friend Finding Fridays!
    I like your blog and I am going to follow you! hope you like my blog as much as I like yours!


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