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Wednesday, January 12

Scrappin' Wednesday no.2

Well, my intentions were good.  I had hoped to finish off my reunion scrapbook pages so I could showcase a different theme this week.  It just.....didn't happen.  So again, this is using the Festival Collection from Shabby Princess.

One thing I am glad to share with this page is a way to showcase a lot of pictures on one page.  SO MANY scrapbook pages only have one or two photos on them.  That's fine for a lot of moments you want to remember, but when I'm documenting a trip or another special event, I really want to show off more than one photo!  Using a "paper" mat with varied photo sizes is one way to accomplish this.  If you are printing photos instead of doing the digital scrapbooking thing, consider making a photo collage on Picnik or other photo editing software, then using that in your layout.

A few have asked where I get my digital scrapbooking goodies.  There are many sites out there, but my favorites are Shabby Princess and Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.  I have gotten all my 1500 elements and papers for FREE.  Now, I am not a hardcore scrapbooker, so I haven't found the need to buy anything.  It just takes time to search through and download the freebies.

Do you have any great ideas for showing off a handful of photos on a page?  I'd love to see layout ideas you have, too!

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  1. FINALLY some one who doesn't just put ONE picture on an entire piece of paper! I thought I was the only one. I like more than just one... needs to be... well interesting.

    I like this layout. very nice.


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