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Wednesday, January 19

2011 LDS Primary Theme Printable

We are throwing an appreciation dinner for the people who work in the children's organization at our church- the Primary- and we've decided to give them embellished frames with this year's theme as gifts.  That way, when this year is done, they still have a cute frame to use!  I'll post a finished picture of the frames soon, but for anyone who might find it useful, here is the theme printable I made up.

It prints as a 4x6 with great quality.  I think if you go larger than that the clarity will be lost.  Click on the image to copy or print it at full-size.



  1. Love that!! I just made and framed a printable of the theme today for my son's room. And I think I might do the same for the kids in my CTR 4 class.

    I love this year's theme :)

  2. I am going to print this for my girl's room so they can have a reminder. Thank you!!! Love it.


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