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Saturday, January 8

Saturday Sweets

My husband is in charge of the teenage boys at our church.  Everyone knows the way to a boy's heart (or in this case, attention span) is through his stomach.  So, we bribe reward them with homemade cookies each week.

I've been stuck in a cookie rut- making the same five recipes over and over.  So, of course, I went online for inspiration, and found these amazing Smore Cookies at Cookie Madness.  I made them this afternoon, since we have church at 9:00 am, as there is no way I'm baking cookies AND getting three kids and myself ready and out the door that early!

These cookies are delicious!  It is like eating a freshly toasted S'more, only a little less messy!  Try them- I really think you'll love them!


  1. Those look delicious! Mmmmmmmm

  2. i think i'm going to try these this week! they look sooooo yummy!

    cocktails and crafting

  3. They look evil! Can't wait to try them...

  4. Those look SO good. Charlie is a little smores fan...and they don't look too tricky (or messy) like some smores cookies/brownies recipes do!

  5. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for the link! Your cookies look great. I haven't made these in a while and am suddenly craving them.


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