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Friday, September 8

Make your own Fall Printable with PicMonkey.

Bring a little fall inside with this cute Fall Subway Art Printable

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Since Labor Day is over, it's time to break out the fall decor.  Right?  Right?

(I may have been accused of putting fall stuff out too early, which is nonsense.  Must have all the fall things!)

Anyway, I got this darling file as a freebie some time back, and finally decided to print it out and frame it.

It's not free anymore, but you can purchase a copy here.  I'll show you how I use these files to make my own printable decor.

First, download your file and save it somewhere you'll remember it.

Then, open up Picmonkey.  I am a premium member but you don't need it for this tutorial. Choose "Design", then "Blank Canvas".

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Next, choose your canvas size.  I'm eventually going to print this as an 8x10, so I choose 8.5x11.

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Set your canvas, or background, color.  Most often I choose white, as I will with this design.  Hit "Apply" and you're good to go.

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Next, you're going to import that design you downloaded.  Click on Overlays, which is the butterfly design on the left hand column.  Then click "Add your own".

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

You'll then navigate to your file and click open (not pictured).

This should bring up your design somewhere on your blank canvas.  

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

At this point, you can play with your design, changing the size and placement, and sometimes even the color.  

Once you have it the way you want it, either "save" it, or "export" it.  This is kind of confusing.  If you save it, that means you want to come back and work on it later.  It's saving a copy to the Picmonkey hub.  If you export it, then you are saving it to your computer.  Let's choose that option so we can print it.

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Name your file, choose your resolution (I almost always choose "Pierce), and export it.  This will let you choose a location on your computer to save it, and then you are done!

DIY Printables with Picmonkey
I love using Picmonkey to make printables, invitations, and more.  It's so easy and so many features are free.  And no, this is not sponsored in any way.  I just love Picmonkey!

DIY Printables with Picmonkey

Happy fall, y'all!

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