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Tuesday, April 22

Spring Stenciled Canvas Sign

Does it feel like spring where you live?  Here in Phoenix, it's dry, very dry, and already hot!  (It was 97 degrees yesterday!)  Still, I like to remember the days of spring rains, fragrant flowers, and mild temperatures.  I've got just the perfect project to bring spring inside!

Supplies needed:
Vinyl and Transfer Tape (I use clear contact paper)
11x14 Canvas or Canvas Plaque  (heck, you could even use a wood plaque if you prefer)
Painting Supplies
Fabric Scrap
Fusible Interfacing
Paper Scraps
Here we go:
1.  Cut your vinyl design and adhere it to your canvas.  I even have the shape I designed just for you FREE if you want it!  You can download the file for Silhouette Studio  here.  (Inspiration found here.)

Sometimes putting vinyl on canvas is a little tricky.  If you're having trouble getting the vinyl to stick, try "painting" a thin coat of matte Mod Podge on the canvas first.  Be sure to let it dry completely, then try again!
2.  Paint over your vinyl and let it dry completely.  I needed two coats of paint.

See the difference?  

3.  Use tweezers or something similar to pull your letters off.  Don't freak out of some of the paint bled through.  Just use a teeny tiny brush and paint over it with white.  
4.  Now it's time to embellish your design.  Cut an umbrella shape out of fabric however you like to cut fabric.  Just make sure to use interfacing or some sort of backing, or the fabric will fray over time.
5.  Adhere to the canvas using spray adhesive or other craft glue, smoothing carefully to avoid bumps.
6.  Cut some cute flower shapes out of cardstock or patterned paper, and glue to your canvas.  Add buttons.  I played around with this forever, but in the end decided to keep it simple.
That's it!  Now you can display it on a stand or hang it on the wall with a ribbon.

This is one of my favorite decorations!  Let me know if you make it, kay?  Happy Spring!

P.S.  I will be linking up at the Link Party Palooza and some of these parties

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