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Tuesday, April 29

Free Ballet Printable for your Ballerina!

My daughter is a girly girl.  She loves everything pink.  She loves lip gloss and jewelry.  She wants to wear cute dresses and play with dolls and Barbies. 
And she loves dance.  She's been dancing since she was almost four years old (she just turned nine!)
This is one of last year's portraits!

Her favorite is Ballet.  Her teacher calls her "my little dance dictionary" because she is so good at remembering all those French words and what they mean.  

Last year, I redid her room and made it a Pink Ballerina Bedroom.  One of the things I did was create this gorgeous printable for her to display on her dresser.

I do want to disclose that I was inspired by a print from this Etsy shop.  If you want a professionally-printed, large poster for her room- definitely check her out!

If you have a girl who loves Ballet, or maybe you're having a ballerina-themed party, you can download this printable by clicking here:   (or you can just open this image in a new tab and save it to your computer to print).


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