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Wednesday, April 16

Personalized Sippy Cups AND Applying Vinyl to Curved Surfaces

A good friend recently asked me to make her some personalized sippy cups as a baby shower gifts! I don't know why I had never thought of doing this before! It's super easy, something that will get used, and when it's personalized it's always a great gift!
The only tricky thing is applying vinyl to a curved surface. If you haven't done it before you might find yourself creating wrinkles or bubbles in places you don't want. Let me share a few tips to help it go on smoothly!
After you have cut your design and removed excess vinyl, apply your transfer tape/contact paper.

Now cut around all the edges so you have as little material as possible to apply to your surface. Be sure not to cut through your vinyl design! Eliminating all this excess material helps it go on smoothly.

Now for the most important part. Find the center of your design and remove a section of the backing. I did this using an exacto knife and folded away the backing from the center. This allows you not only to center your design without fully placing it, but this will help apply on a curved surface.

Slowly work from the center outwards, pressing your vinyl onto your surface and pushing the backing off the design. Do this on both sides until the design is fully applied. You may have some bubbles in your transfer tape, but none should be left on your actual vinyl design. Voila!

I've seen people do this on mugs for teachers, decals for helmets, even Christmas ornaments! The possibilities are yours to explore! Now I know what to do the next time any of my friends has a baby!

Side note: some vinyl is perfectly good for dishwasher use or handwashing! Be sure to read the criteria of your vinyl before applying.
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