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Friday, April 4

Brunch Labels using Silhouette Sticker Paper

I've been wracking my brain for a fun way to use the new Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper. It finally dawned on me that since I have brunch coming up, I could label the foods in a fun and cute way!
**This is not a Silhouette sponsored post... just from me who is obsessed with all things Silhouette**
To make the best use of the sticker paper, this will be a print and cut type of craft. First I designed my labels in the Silhouette Studio software. I love that I can use whatever font I desire! 
Make sure your registration marks are showing so the 'amazing blade' knows where to cut! Here's a look at the labels before cutting...

And after! These still have the adhesive backing on them, so they will be clear when you peel it off.

Then I fed some other colors of card stock through the same design and cut a duplicate of the shape. I know I could have just print right onto the card stock and cut it out (silhouette is that awesome), but I liked the look and feel of the sticker paper on top of the card stock!

 To hold the labels in front of the food, I thought about buying some wire photo holders, but opted for a different looks with glitter covered clips!

I love how they turned out! I have a few other labels left over that will go directly onto some food dishes. What a fun and easy way to decorate!

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