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Wednesday, August 22

Shower Curtains for inspiration

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So I've been in this weird transitional period for about 45 days now (!!!) where we've been moving from hotel to hotel, and family to family while we moved from Korea back to the good ol' USA. But the time has finally come! We just closed on our FIRST HOUSE this week, and the time to decorate and make this space my own is happening! 

The first decorating we'll be doing is not what I planned on, but realized we'd have 2 more bathrooms than we're used to, and we'll need shower curtains almost immediately. So, let the decorating begin. Here are the two shower curtains I picked and they definitely spark my imagination for what I can do with the rest of the bathroom!

This curtain will be in our Master Bathroom. At first we thought we could get away with doing little to nothing since we'll be the only ones using it, and then I realized, this is MY bathroom and I want it to look and feel GREAT!
I love how it is masculine and feminine at the same time. I also have a love of grays and blacks, but that pop of teal is great. I'm thinking of teal towels and metal embellishments for soap holders and such. 

This is the curtain I picked for the guest/basement bathroom.
I'm not a flowery sort of girl, but i loved this non-traditional pattern that was full of some great bold colors. I can go so many directions with this that will all be fresh and exciting.  

So what ideas come to mind when you see these shower curtains? I will be sharing all of my home decorating with you and would love any input or ideas from you as I go!

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  1. Oh, I love them both!!! I would do what your describing for the master bathroom, it will be beautiful! I love orange and teal and would pull those two colors from the other shower curtain. It would be a fun bright bathroom. :-)

  2. I love them both too! The second one makes me think of mod/retro. Maybe some old magazine ads framed?? Can't wait to follow as you decorate the rest of your new home!

  3. You can have these shower curtains for inspiration in the post here



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