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Friday, August 31

Baby Boy Shower Gift

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Wow- August went fast, didn't it?  Well, I wanted to end the month with a cute baby gift idea.  It seems like everyone around me is pregnant or just had babies.  I had a hard time with it for awhile because we are pretty sure we are done having kids.  I didn't know if I was feeling the urge to have another one or if I was just feeling left out, since everyone is all pregnant together.

Then I remembered how much I like sleeping through the night.

Anyway, I have had several showers to attend, and in the next few months I have several packages to send.  So, I need all the baby gift ideas I can find!  Here's what I put together this time:

For this baby, I sewed up some washcloths.  They're simple squares cut from cotton fabric and terry cloth (I used some thin, soft towels that I cut up just to make a bunch of these!)

I included a lap blanket/burp cloth/changing pad (the dinosaur print on the bottom).  It's made from a soft flannel on one side and jersey knit on the back.  It's not big enough to wrap baby in, but it's really absorbent and soft, so it has a lot of uses.  

Finally, I found this cute Boy Subway Art from The Green Family.  The colors were perfect for her nursery, so I printed it and framed it for her.

Projects like these are great- scrap busters, so it's useful to the new mom and helps me clear out my fabric closet a little too!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend is wonderful!  Happy Labor Day!



  1. This is so great ideas for baby gifts and colorful. Thanks for the share, I really enjoy reading of your post and so interesting.

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  2. Great baby boy shower ideas! I think I might "steal" some of them :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! "Steal" away!


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