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Thursday, August 9

Cast Iron Chicken

I'd be lying if I said I'd never been on Pinterest. It's great for inspiration, a first step in the thinking process, or even as a search engine. My husband  purchased a cast iron skillet recently and HE was looking on Pinterest for recipes! It was worth it, as we stumbled upon this excellent recipe at Bev Cooks that is simple, healthy, and delicious!

A few changes we made:
  •  Using dark meat pieces instead of a whole chicken, though both ways were fantastic
  • Adding red potatoes right in with the chicken. To season your potatoes pick between italian seasoning, ranch dressing, or even lipton onion packets, 1/3 C olive oil and toss them around in a bag. Voila, perfectly seasoned and crispy potatoes to compliment your perfectly roasted chicken!

The ingredients assembled and cooking

Ready to eat!
Have any other great cast iron recipes?  I'd love to try them out!