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Wednesday, November 16

Scrappin' Wednesday-

Welcome to Scrappin' Wednesday- where I get to share photo glimpses of my family with you through digital scrapbooking!

A quick note before I show you my creation:  you will want to come back here next week for an awesome giveaway- one I was trying to win FOREVER until I got the opportunity to work with the company directly!  If you like making your own photo cards, slideshows, digital scrapbooks, or other digital creations, be back here next week!  Same time, same place :)  Now, on to the page!

The first day of school is a momentous occasion!  I was so excited to send my oldest off to her first day of kindergarten last year!  She was SO ready to start school, too, so it was fun for everyone.

Here's the layout I put together for her first (ever) day of school:

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