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Wednesday, November 9

Scrappin' Wednesday- On Grandpa's Boat

In central Oregon, there is a lake everyone in my husband's family refers to as "the lake" or "the cove".  I'm not sure what its real name is.....

Whenever we visit in the summer, we beg Grandpa to break out the boat and take a trip up to the cove.  There is a nice picnic area we often spend time in, near a wading part of the lake.  The cousins take turns riding on the boat, water-skiing, or being pulled on rafts.

On this trip, we had just a few of us, so we spent the day out on the boat.  The water was FREEZING (though that didn't stop my kids from venturing in!)  We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and watched the brave ones freeze their little tushies off.  My youngest, not even one at the time, really did NOT enjoy having to wear a life vest, as you'll see in the pictures below!

Here's my layout for the trip- quick and simple this time:

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