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Wednesday, November 30

Scrappin' Wednesday- 11 months

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Welcome to Scrappin' Wednesday, where I get to show you a glimpse of our family life through my digital scrapbook pages.  This week's page was created on the new version of My Memories Suite, v3.  This is the same software you have the chance to enter!  I really enjoy using it- it's so easy and user-friendly.

This week, I'm sharing a layout I created with my son's 11-month pictures.  At this age, he didn't much like sitting still for a photo.  Instead, he liked to chew on his toys, practice standing on the couch, play hide and seek with Mommy, and even cry a little.  His first year had lots of grumpy crying!  (Am I a terrible mother for taking pictures of him at his grumpiest? )  

Here's our 11-month old:  

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