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Monday, November 28

Gifts Given and Received

Well, last week sure was a doozy.  I had a great, quiet Thanksgiving with my family, who were pretty much all sick.  How about you?  I really enjoyed the time off from driving kids to school, dance, and everywhere else.  Being sick sometimes makes you stop and just be- which we often forget to do in our busy, busy lives.

Before I go on with my post, I've decided, due to sickness and Thanksgiving, to extend my My Memories Suite giveaway until the end of this week.  I'll announce the winner next Monday.  Go here for more details, and to enter!

Well, we can OFFICIALLY move on to Christmas now!  I'm really feeling Christmas-y because I have both given and received my first Christmas gifts!  I participated in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange.  It's been fun getting to know a fellow crafter.  I had my friend Lindzie from My Creative Place, and I decided after our emails to send her some things to help her get ready for Christmas.

She told me her colors are blue, silver, and black, so not your traditional Christmas colors.  I found some pretty papers that I thought would complement her color scheme, and painted some Noel blocks for her.

I was making myself one of eighteen25's Christmas Planners, so I doubled up and made one for Lindzie too.  I love that thing- I've used it a lot already!

Finally, I included a few baby washcloths for the baby boy she is having around Christmas time!  Wow, as if the holidays aren't busy enough!  I can't imagine having a baby right then!

Shortly after I sent my gifts off, I received Lindzie's gifts in return.  She sent me a fabulous Christmas wall hanging, which is displayed in my kitchen.

She also gave me some great ornaments for my tree.  The "E" is for my last name.

She also sent me a mini-canvas that says Let it Snow- it is so cute!  My pictures of it seem to have mysteriously disappeared, though..... I'll have to take some more once my camera battery recharges :(
She was so cute to include some funny recipe cards and a notepad, too.

Thanks so much, Lindzie!  If you missed it this time- stay tuned- Linda at CA does these twice a year, and are always a huge hit!  You can sign up next time.

I am sharing this over at the Handmade Gift Exchange linky party and at these other fun linky parties.  Come on and party with me!



  1. Thanks for taking some pictures. I was not on top of things when I sent these your way and I don't think I got any pictures. The wall hanging looks fabulous! :) I was a little nervous it wouldn't hang well.

  2. WOW! I love the noel blocks!

    I've got to check out the blog for the Christmas planner too! Thanks for sharing!

    I have such a mix of colors... my fave colors for Christmas right now are turquoise and red. Actually, I just really love turquoise. :o)


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