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Tuesday, December 15

Water Bottle Motivational Tracker (Free Silhouette Cut File)

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Last year I lost ten pounds.  You can see how I did it here, but one of the biggest things I did to not only lose weight, but just feel better in general, was to drink more water.

I have always been horrible about drinking enough water.  I just didn't enjoy drinking plain old water.
Well, the awesome thing about water is, you don't have to drink it plain!  There are ways to enjoy flavored water without adding any extra calories or sugar, or at least keeping it very minimal.

For example, I love drinking flavored sparkling water.  I quit drinking soda, but I missed that carbonation BADLY.  For me, sparkling water was the answer.  The only problem is, it can get quite expensive.

So I was really excited to try out the SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker.  It automatically carbonates your water, and then you buy different flavors to make your water a bit more interesting!

You can choose your level of "fizz".  I am definitely a three drop girl.

Simply fill your bottle with water,  attach it to the machine following the instructions, press your fizz button, and voila- sparkling water!  Now you just need some flavor.
SodaStream has several varieties of flavors:
Waters: all natural ingredients and very low calorie
Fruits: delicious fruit flavor combinations (though be careful of the calories on this one)
Zeros:  no-calorie, full-fruit flavors made with stevia
Gourmet Waters: unique chef-inspired flavor combinations with high quality natural ingredients

I tried several different flavors, and my favorite so far is the Berry Mix from the Fruits line.

Another thing that helps me drink more water is using a fun water bottle that helps me track what I'm drinking.

You can make one too, and all you need is a 32 oz water bottle, some vinyl, and a Silhouette (or a friend that has one!)

Download this cut file , open it in Silhouette Studio, resize if necessary for your bottle,

and cut it on your machine.

Remove the excess vinyl, including the pieces above the cut lines in the water drops, then apply transfer tape.

Move the design to your water bottle.  If your water bottle has marked spots for the different amounts, you can match up each line to your bottle.  Definitely apply this one line at a time!

If not, here's how I figured out where to put them.  I filled a liquid measuring cup with 8 oz, then poured it into my bottle.  That's where the 24 oz line went.  Repeat and mark the 16 oz line.  Do it a third time, and mark the 8 oz line.

(It is supposed to go "backwards" because you're tracking how much water you drink as you go through the day). 
Make sure you hand wash these bottles, as the vinyl will not hold up in the dishwasher.  I also recommend using a more permanent vinyl, like Oracal 651, since water is involved here. 
Research is mixed on whether or not you actually need 64 oz of water a day, so I put REFILL at the bottom as an option.  I can promise you, though, if you even drink 32 oz a day, you will feel so much better!

It gives you energy, helps aching joints, keeps you from snacking mindlessly, and more.
The SodaStream Power would be a great holiday gift for anyone!  You can get free shipping with any order over $50, too!  Find all the latest SodaStream offers here.
How do you do at drinking water?  What flavor sparkling water do you want to try?
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  1. Thank you for the file! Made my life easier. =)
    Do you happen to remember the font name for the words? I'm wanting to add another and cant seem to get it just right.

    Good job on your weight loss. I'm hoping this will help me too!

    1. Thanks Melynda! I used Tall Dark and Handsome with a slight offset to make it cut easier (probably .025). Hope that helps!

  2. I am only able to view the file, not download. was this a limited time file?

    1. I just checked permissions on the link- the download box pops up for me (But since it is my account that may be why. Try again, and if it still doesn't work, pop me an email at info@occasionallycrafty.com and I will email you the file! Sorry about that!

  3. Do you happen to remember where this particular bottle came from or the brand?

    1. I got it from Walmart. I want to say it was called Cool Gear or something like that.

  4. Can you send the file to my email too please? Vegueco@gmail.com, and where Sud you buy the purple bottle?


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