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Tuesday, December 1

5 Tips for Perfectly Wrapped Gifts

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Did you hit the stores over the holiday weekend?  I didn't plan to go out, but in the end I did run to a few places to snag some deals.  

I like to get my holiday shopping done early so I can focus on enjoying the holiday season in December.  So, I was thrilled to find the perfect gift for someone on my list at Dillard's in our local mall.  I love how the store was decked out for the holidays with beautiful greenery and ornaments.

These Anne Klein box sets make a great gift for the stylish, sophisticated woman on your list.  It comes with several bracelets and a fashion watch, which can be worn alone or together for an on-trend, fashionable look..  

I loved this set with the watch and criss-cross bracelet adorned with Swarovski® crystals.  I was worried it would be too big, but the cuff bracelets are adjustable, and the watch links can be easily removed. 

The beautiful box makes it easily giftable with a wow factor for the recipient!

The elegant look of these sets can easily be worn with jeans and a top, or as part of a dressier ensemble.

A special gift deserves special wrapping.  My husband is the best gift wrapper in our family, and so over the years I've learned some tips from him on how to wrap packages well.  Today I'm sharing those tips with you.

Tip #1- Your Wrapping Paper Choice Matters!

Sure, the stuff at the big-box store is cheap, but it is also cheaply made.  It tears easily and is more difficult to work with.  For special presents, choose high-quality wrapping paper.  It should be a heavier-weight paper, have a beautiful pattern, and it doesn't hurt if it has a measuring grid on the back to help cut straight lines.

Tip #2- Put Everything In a Box!

It is so much easier to wrap presents in a square or rectangle box.  Boxes are so cheap, and they can last for years if properly stored.  Do it- you'll thank me later!

Tip #3-  Measure Your Paper Before You Cut

My dad is the worst at wrapping. (Sorry Dad!)  Many a time a package would be pieced together with scraps to make it fit.  Don't do this- put your package on the paper and lightly fold it over the box to find out where you need to cut.  It's always better to have a little too much than not enough.  For the short ends, you only need it to go halfway up the side of the box.

Tip #4-  Crease and Fold

To get that tightly wrapped, polished look, you need to crease your paper along box edges before you secure in place.  

Also, don't let any rough edges show.  Fold those edges under and crease before securing in place.

Start by securing one long edge of your paper, then bring the other long edge across, fold rough edges under, and secure in place.  Crease along the sides.

For the short ends, start by pushing the two sides in, then crease.  Bring the top edge down, secure, and crease.  Then bring the bottom edge up, secure, and crease.

Tip #5- Top with a Beautiful Bow or Curly Ribbon

Turn your present so the bottom is facing up.  Cut a long piece of ribbon (long enough to go around your box both directions, plus extra for tying.  

Bring the two ribbon pieces across the width of your box and cross them over each other so they are now facing the length of your box.  

Pulling tight on each piece, flip your package over so the top is facing up and bring the pieces together again and cross.  If you have a second person, they can put their finger down in the center while you tie your know.  But if you're alone, simply tuck one piece under the x you've made and pull it through the diagonal.  Pull tight, then tie your knot.

 Add that beautiful curly ribbon to the top by taking a long strip of ribbon and curling it with scissors.  Then, if desired, cut a slit in the end and pull it apart into two curly pieces.  Tie them to your knot and arrange the ends as desired.  Continue adding curls until you're happy with how it loks.

Now you have a gorgeous present that is perfect for gifting.  I think this paper and ribbon complements the Anne Klein set perfectly!  

Visit your local Dillard's today to pick up one of these timeless Anne Klein jewelry and watch sets for the fashionable woman in your life.  

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