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Monday, May 4

Tween Bow Holder

When I went to SNAP earlier this month, one of the things I picked up was this cute little frame from Cut It Out Frames.  I've long been a fan of their beautiful frames and knew just what I wanted to do with it.

My daughter just turned ten, and now suddenly she is questioning all the "little girl" things she has always loved.  She doesn't want to play with toys (except Barbies and her dolls), and she doesn't want me to do her hair anymore (I've been giving her cute hairstyles since she was two!)  
So she doesn't wear bows that often, but she still likes a pretty braid or ponytail once in awhile.  I decided to make her a bow holder that represents her more grown-up style.

I started out with a blank frame (this style is called Newport).  Then I painted the edges with a gold glitter paint.

Then I traced the shape of the frame onto the back of this gorgeous gold foil paper that I picked up from the Blitsy booth at Snap.   I used a tape runner to adhere the tape to the frame- but you could also use Mod Podge or even a glue stick.

The final step was to add ribbon.  I've found grosgrain ribbon works the best to hold the bows in place.  I cut two 24 inch strips and hot glued them to the back of the frame.

The picture in the middle was an illustration I found on Tumblr.  There was no artist attribution given even after I searched a bit for it.  If you or someone you know is the artist, let me know so I can give proper attribution!
Do you have a system for managing hair accessories?  Let me know what works for you in the comments below.
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  1. This is so cute! I need to show it to my friend who makes all those disney bows!

  2. I bought bow holder like these with Each of my girls' initials for Christmas. I have yet to hang them up, but I have great aspirations for bow management!

  3. Great idea! It looks great. Very grown up.

  4. Very cool--I bet she loves it! The tween years are coming up fast in our house. I'm sure they'll be here before I realize it and we'll be doing away the old beloved "little girl" things. Sad.
    Love your bow-holder!

  5. That is really cute! Love the gold chevrons. My daughter is a long way from the tweens though I know it will be here in the blink of an eye.

  6. That looks great! I made one very similar this I am looking to make one for headbands..have you ever made one?

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