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Wednesday, May 13

Stenciled Wall Chalkboard and Giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils

When do your kids get out of school?  

We get out May 21st.  That, my friends, is next week.  I may be starting to panic a little.

I love having my kids home with me all day during the summer.  I miss them during the school year and love to have that time to spend with them playing instead of nagging them to do homework.

But they fight.  So.  Much.  And they always want to "go do something fun".

I tend to keep thing low key in the summer, and I don't always plan ahead.  Which means it ends up being 10:30 and I haven't even showered yet, let alone decided what we're going to do that day.

So, this summer, with the help of Cutting Edge Stencils, we are going to nip that right in the bud and use our new Chalkboard Wall Stenciled Plaque to write out our weekly activities.

This Classy Frame Chalkboard Stencil, like all of CE's stencils, is super easy to use- even on my textured walls.  
  • Spray some adhesive spray on the back of the stencil.  (I use Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive)
  • Let the stencil "rest" until the adhesive is tacky.
  • Apply the stencil to the wall and hold in place with painter's tape.
  • Paint using a flat foam roller and chalkboard paint.
    • Make sure your roller has very little paint on it.  I do several light coats instead of one heavy coat to keep the stencil from bleeding.
  • Remove the stencil and let your design "cure" for 24 hours.
  • Rub all over with a piece of chalk, then wipe away.  Your chalkboard is now ready to use!
For more tips, check out the how-to information here.

Mine is in our back hallway so the kids can see it every morning when they wake up.  I wrote on it with some fun chalk markers.  The design at the top is from the Silhouette Online Store, which I cut on cardstock and used as a stencil.  

Because, as you can see below, my chalkboard handwriting needs a little help!

Chalkboard Wall Stencil

By the way, just in case you're wondering, I buy season passes for a lot of things cheap so we can do lots of fun things in the summer.  These usually pay for themselves within 1 or 2 visits.  My favorite thing to use is our Pogo Passes (Arizona residents- use code OCRAFTY to save 60%), which get us into all sorts of places and events for free once you buy the pass!  Look into what your area offers for lots of summer fun!

Chalkboard Summer Schedule

Cutting Edge Stencils offers a variety of chalkboard stencils, as well as a new line of nursery stencils in addition to their regular wall stencils.  Go check them out and choose your favorite, because together, we are giving away $50 for you to choose your own stencil!  Now's the perfect time to give that room or area the makeover you've been dreaming out.  Enter via the Rafflecopter below, and Cutting Edge will ship your stencil for free!  (US Residents only)

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